questions from children

Questions of children:

1. Where are you?

On the South side of St.John’s, on the right side, just on the last pedestal. My view is the Parade square.  Click here

2. What’s your age?

My hewn body is at about  3000 years old, but as a statue on St. John’s Cathedral I’ve been revealed  on  2nd of April, 2011.

3. What do angels eat and drink?

In Heaven, angels are eating bread, all kinds of fruit except an Apple and they drink wine. Only angels who descended on Earth are able to choose between wine or beer, because  there’s none in heaven.

4. Do you want to look for my grandpa/grandma/dad/mum/uncle/aunt/friend/ who is/are in heaven and say hello for me. Please ask them to watch over me.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to leave my pedestal so I will not be able to meet people whom already are in heaven. So what I can do is to pass a message, which I certainly will do for you!

5. Would you light  candle for me?

Of course I will!

6. What’s  in your bag?

In my bag I keep an indulgence registry. That’s a kind of  book where I have to write all names of people whom deserves to come here Above without any hesitation or waitinglist.  But someday I hope I’ll find a tablet in my bag, as it has the perfect shape for it!.

7. How are you going to sleep on the  tower?

Angels don't sleep, they can only withdraw themselves quite awhile but that happens very rarely. When people go to sleep, then the angels watch over them.. So I watch over  all citizens of Den Bosch , people who visited the city, admirers on the internet and Twitter and  people whom I spoke to by phone. .

8. Is it cold In the winter, do you get a wintercoat?

No, Angels do not wear winter coats. We’ve been given wings, which we can wrap  around us when we’re  cold.

9. Aren’t you hot up above near the sun?

No, angels are doing just fine! The warmer it gets, the more coolness angels provide. Therefore, in summer, when it’s hot, it’s always nice and cool inside the St. John’s or any other church!

10. Do angels suffer from sunburn?

No, Angels  don’t get sunburned nor will their skin turn brown from the sun. We all turn grey during the years and sometimes when Angels do not get any sunshine at all, they turn greenish, mossy…

11. What kind of phone do you have? And what’s on it?

My mobile phone is a very special one. It is a Angelphone, I don`t need to recharge but I can never call. I only have one line, that line connects me directly to Above. . I’m only able to pick up a phonecall,  read text messages, but I can use the internet and use Twitter. .

12. Would you come over and stand on our church?

That is a nice proposal, but my  creator, Mr Ton Mooy, has determined that I may not leave my pedestal on St. John’s cathedral in Den Bosch. Therefore I’ll stay put in Den Bosch.

13. Is Earth more fun or are you rather in heaven?

It’s not a matter of fun, it is different in heaven! But I like it a lot being on earth! .

14.Do Angels speak their own language and is that also in English?

Angels speak in silence with each other, it's more like we communicate by passing  thoughts ….. That's not English, but I’ve learned to speak Dutch and English enabling me to communicate with all people who either wrote me an e-mail, text messages and called me on my cell.