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Call me on +31 626347470
Since Saturday 2nd of April 2011 I’ve been put on a pedestal on the St. John’s cathedral in Den Bosch. I’m a statue of a modern angel, dressed in jeans and holding a mobile phone. The people called me Ut Engelke, which is a slang for Little Angle. My aim is to bring you a smile and I watch over you, the citizens of Den Bosch, visitors of the city and the church and my followers. My creator is Ton Mooy, a Dutch sculptor gave me the opportunity to have immediately contact in heaven. Therefore my phone has only one button.. Don’t hesitate to contact me by Twitter (@Ut_Engelke), e-mail or simply give me a ring…. I’m all ears! .

Call or send a textmessage to +31 626347470
During the day you can reach me till 23.00 hrs, and please do take the time differences in consideration!. If you decide to call me, please be informed that I don`t charge extra costs, other than your costs for overseas calls.. If I’m not available that’s mainly because I’m already having a call. You might give it another try or simply send a text message. No need to leave a message on my voicemail, as I will not be able to hear it over. If you like to receive an answer or remark I herewith request you to send me a tweet (a message on Twitter) or an e-mail!

Call and wave

In case you’re visiting Den Bosch, or ‘s-Hertogenbosch you’ll be able to see me and sometimes I’ll be able to see you too!. Just walk to the centre of the Parade (the square) , and call me. When you wave, I might see you standing there! If you reach me, I might ask you to do something silly like to jump, make a dance or so, just to proof I really can see you.. Click here for the best place to make a call and to wave.

There is also a Dutch postage stamp for sale of ut Engelke. Click here

Again, I inform you that I will pick up the phone whenever I can. But abusing me by using foul language or curses, I simply end the connection.

Looking forward to your call or messages…. I’ll stay put and wait for you!

Count your blessings,
ut Engelke

Several photos are available by Hans Wind and www.kijkopdenbosch.nl